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Problems with some
payments on the Internet!

Our supplier of secure
Internet payments
have problems with
some Internet browser.

This applies to Safari on
Mac and certain versions
of Explorer.


Now you can cancel
your LOW PRICE ticket!

At least 5 days before departure.
Service fee 100 SEK/booking.



It is not possible
to pay by credit card
on the bus after
January 1st 2011! 

Please make your payments
by credit card on this
website - And you also
get a discount on the price!


New timetable on line 
11 Stockholm - Växjö
from October 4th 2011

Tours with name "TR" is
cancelled after October 3rd




What to do in Stockholm?

Here you can get information from the Capital.


 Hotel packages

Most of the companies in the Svenska Buss organisation offer hotel rooms at good price.
You will find more information from each company under "Contact".


 Online bokning



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